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Software Production

  I write software applications for Production lines, Games, and other needed utilities. I try to keep the applications as simple as possible for the users. This allows the users to apply their time to the production rather than to the operation of the application.

  I have More products than are on the Products Page listed on the Software Descriptions page. For any of my products please eamil me. The products are shown in the store but not downoadable from the store. To purchase send an email request.

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  I have written a couple of games that you might enjoy. See the Products or Software Descriptions .


   I have written several utilities programs that are designed for the production lines. See Software descriptions or Product page. These are designed to be user friendly.  All my software have operating manuals and documentation.


  I have set up a store to sell Items , Before you pruchase become a member on this site so there will be a Email address for contact.. The reason for this is you have closer customer contact with an E-Mail setup. A sales through an e-store does not allow the customer to feel much trust when purchasing. But Email allows a slightly closer seller client relationship and contact. Purchases can be made through e-mail contact and using PayPal.

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Software Protection:
  Copy protection is a major issue with production at the industrial plant that I am a employed at. So I believe that it is a major issue to most companies. The copy protection causes downtime because most of the protections are either dongles or have to have a cd in the drive for the app. to run and when the network acts up or the cd becomes unreadable then you have downtime. This goes for games too. When I get ready to play a game I don't want to have to hunt down the game CD. For these reasons I will not copy protect my software. I figure that if someone wants to pirate it they will even if it's copy protected and those people will pay their dues in the end.

Customer Trust:
  I believe that when my software is purchased and used then the majority of people will purchase it again for second and third computers. This is due to the price and that most people will buy again because they know that if they purchase from me they will receive the help that they need. Also this purchase will allow me to produce more applications and updates. I believe that when a customer receives a fair price and support they will honor me by not giving the software away or allowing it to be pirated. I place a lot of trust in the hands of my customers. I will supply my address and phone # that are not listed on this site, to my customers for easier contact means.